KPMG - ICAS and salary


I’ve been offered a job by KPMG but surprisingly they offer the ICAS programme rather then the ACA which the other three from the ‘Big 4’ seem to offer. I don’t know much about this but have been asking around and some people say that its actually slightly easier then the ACA because KPMG send you away for the training so its easier to just concentrate on the theory, revision and exams - does anyone know if this is true or does anyone know anything about the ICAS programme?? Is it just as good as the ACA?

Also my starting salary was lower then expected - does anyone know if goes up every year or will it only rise after 3 years after qualification?



KPMG has some alliance with the ICAS (for their Tax business school) so maybe that’s why. Then again, I guess it depends on if your job is gonna be in Scotland or England. Other big 4 firms offer the ICAS - CA qualification so I think your generalization about the ACA is a bit wrong.

The ICAS is older than the ICAEW (who offer the ACA qualification) and I have heard that the ICAS - CA one is tougher. At the end of the day, they’re both highly respected anyway so I wouldn’t be worried.

Salary is lower because of training involved and time spent away from the office on training I guess but it does go higher year on year and with each stage of the qualification you pass. Not too sure by how much though… I know how much a friend was earning but that was in London which might be slightly different for regional offices.


Spot on. There’s not much difference between ICAS and ICAEW in the long run- I wouldn’t worry too much about which you end up doing - they are both highly reputed, very difficult and extremely worthwhile.


Thanks for that! I think its just a bit daunting everyone saying how hard the exams are - hopefully if I put the effort in they should be OK as with all uni exams.



I am applying to KPMG under the tax programme in London. I originally applied to Audit ACA in Nottingham as this programme was not available in London and this is the department I have always wanted to get into. However, as I live in London and working here is more beneficial to career progression I changed this to Tax in London as I will still work towards the ICAS CA qualification as well as CIOT. However I am greatly attracted to the Corporate Tax function and just found out that my application is for the Pesonal Servies Tax department. I sent an email regarding this and found that Corporate Tax is full. I am confused as on the website it states that all graduates join the Tax scheme and then specialize at the interview stage.

I also have enquiries about Personal Services Tax, as I have not really been interested in this field. Will this role deal with the exact same qualifications of ICAS and CIOT that corporate tax does? As the first year is generally training towards examinations, does anyone know whether it would be possible to transfer to corporate tax after I start the programme at any stage, possibly the second year of the scheme?

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me in any way.

Many thanks