KPMG - How long for an offer after partner interview?


Had an interview with a partner 4 business days ago and immediately after I received a call back from the director (who had done the second interview) hat he wanted to meet me again.

Over the informal meeting at a coffee shop 2 business days ago he said both the partner and himself really enjoyed meeting me and thought I was a great fit. But he had some questions that he had forgotten to ask in the second interview… basically they have a training program only a select times of the year but he was looking to see what kind of experience I have to contribute to the tasks that are ongoing. He said I’d be bored if I was only doing the tasks listed in the job posting for 3 years…

Near the end he mentioned I had a junior level of experience in those tasks (not part of the job description) but saw me as a great fit.

Since then I have heard nothing… anyone have an experience like this when they’ve had a meeting after a partner interview?
What do you think my chances are of getting the position and how long do you think the wait could be?

PS: I’d be an experienced hire.

Thanks you! Best Regards.


HI there, I can imagine your excitement and your anguish!

In my experience, sometimes you hear the following day, sometimes it can take what seems an age. Remember, these are busy people balancing recruitment alongside a host of other responsibilities so you might simply have slipped off the top of the priority pile.

Given they took you out to a coffee shop (an informal setting), I would be inclined to drop them a line directly yourself. Do you have their email? Thank them for the coffee - I assume they paid! :slight_smile: Tell them how much you appreciated their time and enjoyed the conversation. Then enquire if they can give you an idea of how long the decision process might take. Let me know how you get on.