KPMG Group Exercise - Assessment Centre


Help! What is it like? I’ve never had a group exercise before and don’t want to mess it up!
Any experiences shared will be appreciated.
Once I have mine, I will also share my experience.


Basically the goal of the group exercise is to make a decision and then come up with an action plan. At the beginning each person is given some information, some of it is unique to each person (i.e. each person is representing a different division). Then you have to discuss which one your group picks and why. You then receive some more information before you need to form an action plan as a group. As long as people are willing to work together then you should be fine, try to contribute but not dominate.


Very useful thank you :slight_smile:


hey, thanks for sharing!
I am wondering how did you guys make the discussion? take turn and each say which division should do the presentation or just randomly contribute? (I am just wondering if there is any structural approach to that)

thanks a lot!!