KPMG Graduate Scheme 2016 - Audit



Thought I would make this thread for people applying for the 2016 grad scheme

I just completed the KPMG online tests (SJT was the exact same as last year) and been told I will hear back in 72 hours.

Has anyone else completed the online tests? I only got to question 14 on numerical, but apparently cubbies prefer quality over quantity so fingers crossed.

Good luck to everyone else applying!!


So worried about SJT, what did you use for practice tests? The pack I bought from assessment day is rubbish!


Can you tell me where you practiced the SJT from and if it is possible to get last year’s SJT from anywhere.


I used jobtestprep, I bought the 6 month membership which (so far) has been really good. You fill out a form and tell them who you are applying to and what test provider they use and then you get lots of packs and it explains the answers which was helpful


I used jobtestprep and thought it was really good. No idea if you can find last year’s SJT online, I just remembered the video clips/ actors when I applied for the vacation scheme last year


Hi guys i have a telephone interview, does anyone know of what kind of questions they will ask/ any threads regarding the telephone interview from previous years?



Can anyone let me know what the online tests are like in terms of difficultly when compared to other firms?


I have my telephone interview on Monday, I will let you know if it is the same as previous years.
I would assume it will be pretty similar as the competency areas being assessed are the same.


Thank you!! Much appreciated


@wilsons How did the interview go mate?


Definetly use the threads from previous years as all questions I were asked were from there. The interview is on the competency areas you get in the email. There are 2 scenario questions, questions I got (that I can remember were) proudest achievement, why KPMG over other big 4, a time you gave excellent customer service, why audit, a company that is performing bad and what they could do to turn it around. Good luck with your interview! If you put the time to research all the possible questions on old threads and prepare answers for them you will be fine I’m sure


Thanks a lot for that! Really hope you did well in your interview. Did they say how long they will get back to you at all? Also, were the scenario based questions regarding not being fully aware of details of a project and having to juggle your work load and revision etc.?


Hi there,

I found the numerical quite difficult, and guessed the last few answers - but passed! From this site and others it seems like the consensus is that the numerical is quite tough.

If you’re successful, then you will be invited to interview via telephone. The invitation will explain which competencies that will be assessed, this will depend upon the service line that you have applied for. As I applied to Public Sector Audit, I was assessed on:

  • Makes an Impact
  • Quality
  • Resilience
  • Career Motivation
  • Commercial Awareness

Specifically, I can remember the following questions:

  • What makes KPMG stand out from the other Big 4? (they were looking for three things)
  • Why does this make you want to work for KPMG?
  • Why does Audit appeal to do?
  • Tell me about a time that you delivered excellence.
  • Tell me about a company that is doing poorly? (four things that indicate this)
  • What is the outlook for this company?
  • Tell me about a time you dealt with a frustrated client.
    *There were also two behavioral questions based on a situation described.

I hope this helps. Fingers crossed that I got through - KPMG is my first choice, so I was quite nervous! If you can take the call on a landline I’d recommend it, I took it over my mobile (and an international call) so it was a bit tough to hear the interviewer.

Best of luck,


Hey there, for the what makes Kpmg stand out from other competitors question, did they specifically say that they were looking for 3 things? Also, how am i supposed to find this out?!


I said two things, and she just asked if there was anything else - so I inferred that she was looking for three! There is a lot of information on their website about how they stand out, for example, the Professional Qualifications Team (PQT), but there are also service-line specific ways that they differ from the other Big 4 - so read up on the downloadable brochures relevant to the position that you are applying for.


Will take that in mind. Thanks very much!


I found that the verbal reasoning test was very manageable, but that the numerical was really difficult, but that might be due to my own weakenesses I guess


i got an ac on thurs for audit grad scheme 2016 intake


Can anyone tell me what time their AC started?


me tooo I am on the afternoon.