KPMG graduate and experienced hires tests and interviews?


My CV for a position in advisory has been accepted for KPMG experienced hires. They have asked me to sit for the tests. Are these these same as KPMG graduate level tests or harder than that? The other thing is that i also did put my application for a graduate role in KPMG, it was accepted and i passed the test. Now i am waiting for the first round interview for graduate position and at tests stage for experienced hires. I emailed the recruitment department yesterday and told them about my graduate application as well. Hopefully, i will get a reply tomorrow. What would they do, consider my application seperately or if i fail one interview they wont consider me for other? Does anybody know how experienced hires interview are ? are they competency based or technical? They told me that there would be first Personal interview , than an interview with HR and final would be a Partner interview. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Hi, have you had your experienced hire interview yet? How was it going? I just got email from KPMG HR to inform me to do the first round interview. Could you please share any interview experience with me? Thanks!


Hi, congrats on getting through. Can I ask what is your previous experience? And how many years experience do you have? I’m thinking of changing path too and not sure of timing.


Hi, I’ve got 5 years experience on IT auditing and consulting with one of the Big4.