KPMG - Graduate 2019


Hi,Nic! I’m Jennifer. I also have my LP on 16th next month in London. May I add your whatsapp?


I have LP on 16 too, can I friend you on WhatsApp?


yes sure :smile:


Hi, does anyone get the reply saying that your application is on hold after submitting the audio interview?


For JULY 5 LP Offer Holders. Has anyone heard back yet?


Hey I also At the same progress, but I am not sure if I write the correct ID code because it’s total 7 numbers, how about yours
Best regards


Nothing till now… I know that its not yet 2 weeks since we are informed of the offer but still haha kinda desperate for the formal one. I might wait till tomorrow and see if it will come then. You?

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@iBourbon @Jennifer_Jin
Hi guys, I have recently been confirmed for an LP. Can I add you on Whatsapp too?


I got the AC on 16th Aug too, can I add you guys?


I have ac in the same day! Can you add me on WhatsApp? My number is 07752687553.

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sure, dm me your WhatsApp number~


Is there any group for 16th ac? Can I friend you too?


I called them and they said we might not receive it today. There may be delays. Pre-July 5 LaunchPad offer holders, did you receive your formal offer on time?


I was about to call them too later… Highly appreciated that U just did that. Guess the delay might be due to that many of them are having holidays? To wait is the only option now whatever


My number is 07849582170, pls add me :slight_smile:


If you received a financial advisory deals advisory offer 2019 can you tell me what team you’re in please :slight_smile: thanks!


Did very well in the verbal reasoning but dear god that numerical reasoning was an absolute car crash! Honestly guessed over half! The worst exam i’ve ever sat! Kudos to you lot if you managed to deal with that because that was by FAR the hardest numerical assessment i’ve ever done for one of the big4.


Still haven’t heard a thing! I emailed them on Monday but haven’t heard back.

They’re really keeping us waiting!!


U might want to call them directly… the answer I received when I just called 10min ago is ‘hmm u should have received it, let me pass this through to the onboarding team officer’…


Has anybody gotten an offer for watford? If so, I would be keen to get in touch.