KPMG - Graduate 2019


Received a lot of helpful information here. I would be happy to answer questions regarding the Launchpad if needed!


Congrats on your offer!! Just wondered if you could say what you had to do for the group task, and any interview questions you were asked if you remember? Thanks and well done again!!

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Hi Peter, can you please share some of the questions and stages you went through that day, please? Were there any case studies? Numerical tests?


hi can you please share them to me? my email is thanks a lot in advance!


can you please share what kinda report you were asked to analyse on? also for the group discussion, what sort of company and issues you tackled?


My group topic is to help a company in the fitness industry to design a new digital product. The questions will follow the same format as people mentioned above. You can screw up and take a look.

Interview questions are also pretty standard. They will ask your career motivation such as why KPMG and why audit. There are resilience questions such as describe a situation that you received a low mark and how you dealt with it. Also, my interviewer asked me about a business project to test my business awareness - a UK-based company has already been very successful in the national market and would like to expand its business to international market, what would you think are the important factors and why? Also don’t forget to prepare some good questions to ask and impress the interviewer!


The report is still the International Energy Company and you are an analyst from AAA. It’s pretty long (like 20+ pages) and you can skip the first few pages. Write down the things that they are doing well (clean energy plan), things they can improve (customer service) and challenges (net income drop) that they faced with. It is very difficult to finish but the structure is more important. You have to follow the business report structure: executive summary, introduction, main body, conclusion. Try to use bullet points and title numbers to make it as easy to read as possible. You also have to be a critical thinker - try to analyse the context and look for connections between each points and avoid carry the original context from the reading material.


thank you so much for the reply! Was it very numerical based analysis or more like a test on your business acumens? Were there calculation involved?


Dominantly business acumens. They will provide some charts but the information is pretty straightforward. Don’t waste too much time on explaining things and focus more on analysis. They will also provide parts of the financial statements, my advice is to look at the bigger pictures to see if their financials are increasing or decreasing. You can explain the key reasons why you think it is so. Either direction you can link the reasons to evidences mentioned in the materials (they won’t say it directly but it’s not unreasonable to state that if the financials are positive it is because they are doing something well).


just been invited to August 16th launch pad, has anyone else been invited?


I’ve been invited for an LP on the 16th August too! Although its says they’re still waiting for confirmation and its not guaranteed but I’m being optimistic regardless


would you like to friend me on social media? we can discuss about it and prepare for it


@iBourbon @Nic May I know when did both of you submit your digital? I want a rough gauge how long it takes since they kept sending me holding emails. Sorry to trouble and thanks!


yeah sure, do you have whatsapp? feel like it’ll be the easiest place to discuss about everything


@PolarGear i sent my audio submission off on 28th June and I got a reply back for the LP on 11th July


Hi Nic, may I know the area and location that you have applied? As my visa will expire on 14th August, I am a little bit worry about the time… Many thanks!


I applied for Audit Empowered role in Birmingham


And where is the location of LP, Birmingham as well? Thanks a lot!


Nope, the location of the LP is actually in their London office in Canary Wharf


Congratulations on your offer! do you have any advice for preparing for the LP? or an insight into the group and written tasks?