KPMG - Graduate 2019


Has anyone that has accepted a deals advisory grad role for 2019 planning to decline?


Why would you decline?


Starting in September


People accept the positions to keep multiple options open and then drop out


Hi Simon, I’ve just been invited to the 5th July Launch Pad in London after applying for the risk management scheme in Birmingham!

I’ve seen on threads that the analysis exercise is based on a hypothetical company called IE, does anyone have any specific information on this? Thanks!


Hi I have an assessment centre on July 5th as well. This is my whatsApp +923444444417. Can you please help me I have a few questions I will be grateful.


Hi! I have an assessment centre on July 5th. Can I please get some help? I have a couple of questions.


Yes of course.


I have been invited to KPMG Launch Pad on 5th July
Any insights will be really helpful
My whatsapp number is : +91-8894909127

Thank you in advance :blush:


which programme you aplied for?


Hi Claire! What’s your number? Message me so we can exchange some ideas:)


Hello, is there anyone who got an invitation to the launchpad on 12th July in London? Maybe we can prepare together :blush:


what role are you applying? autumn graduate? audit?


I applied audit in Reading and it’s graduate 2019. but I’m not sure if there is any vacancy or not.


Hello Aish, I wonder if there is still a group now? If yes, may I join you?


Hi, Emma. I got the invitation to the launchpad on 12th July.

You could find me through Whatsapp: +447399581489. :smile:


Hi, I have been invited to the Launch Pad, this is my whatsApp +44 7395449149. Can you please contact me and help me? I really need your help if it is convenient to you. Thanks a lot.


Hi, anyone know about this please. I wonder the chances if people drop out from the job offers at KP. I was put on hold for this year and they told me if anyone dropped out they will consider me, so just curious about the chances


Hi I am also curious about this as I was told the same but haven’t had any answers from people in the thread


which programme are you?