KPMG - Graduate 2019


Did the people with calls get feedback ? And do we get feedback even if it’s a rejection


Didn’t get full feedback on the phone, it was with the partner who interviewed me so he could only comment on the interview and not the other areas. He just called to confirm that I should be expecting an offer. Tbh I was super awkward on the phone so maybe others got more thorough feedback?


Hi yet to receive either, I kind of just want an answer now lol


Got an email with an offer but have yet to receive a call, assuming because it’s past 5? Hopefully should get one tomorrow


Got the email offer as well :star_struck:


Same!! Got an offer but no phone call!


Got an offer email at 10 past 5 and my KPMG page has been updated to “you have been offered a position”. Not received a call, slightly worried it might be a bug and the email was sent in error, am I being stupid?


No don’t worry about it! I am sure it’s fine! They probably finished work at 5 pm or smth and might just call tomorrow. CONGRATULATIONS!! Well done!


Hi don’t worry! I got the same message, I actually got a call at 8.30! It’s not a glitch, you’ll receive a call tomorrow for sure.


I’ve been accepted into Audit in Edinburgh as well!




Yes, just got invited to this for London office


Anyone applied to the Data and Tech Consulting in London? I applied in October and has been put on hold since. I rang the student recruitment team and they said this role has been filled. Anyone else still on hold? Thanks.


anyone got invited to complete an arctic shore assessment for personality called KPMG ready? i wanna know what to expect


Hi Nastja_Novikova,
Congrats on your offer. I have an upcoming Launch Pad next Wednesday and just wonder whether you could share your experience please? My email is
Many thanks in advance


Hi everyone
did anyone apply recently and is currently on hold? i applied for audit intensive london and was wondering if there will be anymore lps soon


Hi Yatsumi,
I am also having the LP on 8th May for Software Engineering. Would you want to add my Whatsapp so we could discuss about it? My number is 077 134 66182


nevermind got a lp on the 31st! anyone else?


did anyone who was offered a position at the last LP receive the official offer letter?


No haven’t received it yet