KPMG - Graduate 2019


They will ring you whether you got it or not so don’t worry if they take a few days longer than expected


Anyone got a LP on 8/5 for Technology Consulting?


Neither, it’s a retail start-up trying to use Technology (AI, Blockchain, VR…) to improve customer experience


Okkk I think it depends cuz my friend went to LP last year and finally only got email to say the outcome (failed) several days after the LP.


oh wow didnt know that, i just looked at the previous messages in this group and looks like most people got it within 2 days.


Anybody hear from kpmg lp for London office on 26th April?


Yeah, I just received my call saying I’ve been successful :slight_smile:


Congrats! Can I ask what office/program you applied for?


Guys do you still get a call even if you were rejected of is it an email ?


according to my friends, call for success and email for fail


Do the rejection emails get sent out all in one go?


no…seems to be like in different rounds…


I applied Audit in Edinburgh, what about you?


audit in London, graduate programme…


I’m wondering if cannot receive a call today, does it mean not successful?


Has anyone received a call for Audit London yet or know of anyone who has?

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Just got a call from the partner for Audit in London ahhh! I’m so happy!


Audit, London


Just received an offer for audit intensive in London!! :slight_smile: Anyone else? They called me up just now!

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anybody who haven’t got neither an email for unsuccess nor a call for success?