KPMG - Graduate 2019


Same for me-
Anyone know of any LPs coming up for London software engineering?


Hey, I actually just started there and I know there’s 3 London LPs coming up.One in April, one in may and one in july. Good luck


ahhhhh amazing hopefully i havent left it too late and ill make it in!

Thanks xx


Hi, thanks for sharing your expeirences, do you need to prepare a short presentation in partner interview? if yes, may i know which questions need to prepare please? Thank you


Anyone applied for transport and public sector accounting and still waiting for Launch Pad? I’ve only just been put on hold for LP… wondering if there’s any chance of getting one this late


Hi Tommaso, I also got a launch pad on 26th, fell free to add me on WhatsApp +44 7867 571050!


Thank you so much Aish! Do you mind adding me to the WhatsApp group as well +44 7867 571050


Hi, do we need to redo the psychometric tests on the day of the LP?
Many thanks.:slightly_smiling_face:


Please I would be grateful for advice and info. My LP is on 26th April for Audit London. My number is 07754624692


Please add me to the 26th April LP WhatsApp. My no. Is 07754624692. Thanks.


Hi K_D,
do we need to redo the numerical and verbal test in the LP? Thank you~


Hi Joy and Jo1,
When did you guys receive the invitation?


Hi Annie
I received mine on 20th Mar

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Has someone created a whatsapp group for the 26 April LP? If so my number if 07806916770. Happy to create one if it doesn’t exist yet if anyone would be keen? :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m also on the 26th April London LP and my number is 07711943222. Please could somebody add me to the WhatsApp group if one has been created, thanks!


Is anyone on the 26th London LP for the vacation scheme rather than graduate? I heard that everyone does it together but vacation applicants do not complete the partner interviews after but not sure whether this is true - please let me know if anyone knows!

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Hi, I am on the 26th London LP and for the vacation scheme as well. I also heard the story about vacation scheme people don’t get partner interview. Wondering if that is true. BTW, what scheme and where do you apply for?


Hi I am also on the 26th London LP. My phone number is 07784694852, can somebody add me on the whatsapp group. Thank you a lot.


I think there’s someone who has created it ages ago. No sure if they still read the post from wiki job. If nobody responds, I think it will be a great idea we create one. Thanks.


anyone here for the 31st may launch pad?