KPMG - Graduate 2019


Has anyone been invited to the upcoming Launch Pad? Can I know the date as well?


Anyone heard back from the 3rd of April LP in London?


Yes, tomorrow 9th April in Sydney.

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Anyone here an international student who has to switch their tier 4 visa into a tier 2?


Hi. I am in the same situation.


Hi Hs4,
I am.


has anyone been invited to a Launchpad recently? I wonder are they still booking in candidates?


Just received invitation for launch pad, but on May 31st. It’s too late:disappointed_relieved:


for which position and city?


Hi, for Empowered London Audit


Hi,when did you submitted your audio interview?


hi, I submitted my audio interview last December


Hi, if anyone know how to fill the expenses table? I can’t type anything


So do I. Do you mind to add my whatapp? My number is 07395464265


I received an offer from the April 3rd LP in London (ACA Audit Intensive- London). Happy to answer any questions.


Hi W_R, well done on the offer!!! I was hoping if you were able to tell me the questions that were asked in the interview? And also what did the group work consist of? Thank you so much in advance!!!

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Congratulations on your offer! Thank you very much for detailed information!
Would like to ask about the structure of the assessment and how was the writing part? and were you required to do an in-tray exercise?
Thank you beforehand.


Many thanks, you are very helpful.


That’s right


hey any chance of more LP’s coming up for london ACA ?

Still on hold since about jan