KPMG - Graduate 2019


Congrats on your offer! I attended the same LP and am still waiting for their email…
Did you get an email saying " we will contact you shortly regarding the outcome of the day" yesterday? Not sure if it is sent to everyone or just for people whom they decide to put on hold…


Hi mkch, amazing!! Congrats!! Can you tell us more about the group exercise ?? What was it about? :grimacing::pray:t2::pray:t2:


Hi mkch,
That’s amazing. Congratulations!!!
Did you apply to the Technology Audit - Information Risk Management position in Birmingham?


Yeah I got that email yesterday around noon and today the director who interviewed me gave me a call to confirm that I was successful. I havent received a confirmation email from the recruitment team yet though.

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Well done!!! Congratulations!!! :grinning::+1:


Hey Annie. I applied for the Audit Intensive programme in Birmingham


Hi Fran. The group exercise is pretty straight forward. You will be in groups of about 5 and have 5 challenges to do. The assessors will rotate so you will have a different one for each challenge and the main exercise is to think of ways to improve a company by implementing new technology. The ideas don’t matter as much but it’s important for you to:

  • Engage with the group by presenting ideas and give feedback to other people
  • Keep track of time by discussing this with your team
  • If someone is not speaking much, try and ask if they have any thoughts etc.
  • Speak clearly and concisely so the assessor can hear you
  • Don’t talk over others
  • Smile and be friendly with everyone. Seems obvious but is very important.

These are the things your assessor will mark you on.

I would also recommend doing a little research about some new technologies e.g. Blockchain, AI, VR, ChatBot. They will give you a little info on these but it will be easier if you are prepared with some knowledge beforehand. Hope this helps!


Hi! Congrats on your offer! Could you please check your direct message? :slight_smile:


Yes awesome thanks a lot!! Last question if you don’t mind, what recommendation did you write for the written report ?

Thanks again!!


I attended a Launch Pad recently and received an offer, and can confirm that this is completely accurate. I kept setting timers on my smartwatch for the exercise to keep my team on track, and I think the assessors liked that


Hi Angus great congrats!!

What questions did they ask you at the interview?
Apart from why KPMG, audit

KPMG 2019 AUDIT graduate

Hi Fran,
I have not been offered a position but they asked me the following questions during the interview:

  • Why KPMG? Why Audit?
  • Tell me about a time you had to deliver under pressure?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What do you think you will be doing during the early years at KPMG?
  • Tell me about an interesting business news, how will it affect UK businesses and KPMG?
    Afterwards, we were given time to ask our interviewer some questions, so make sure you have some prepared in advanced :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile:


Hello. Can you please tell me more about the written part of the exercise. I have read that you have 20 minutes to read a report and 1 hour to write stength and weakness of the company. Is it true?

And what about the recommendations? Are you expected to guess out the recommendations by yourself or are there hints given in the report?


First of all, there was a very short presentation during which we were told that we have to imagine that it is 2020 and in 2018 there was a second financial crisis similiar to the one in 2008. Then, we were given 10 minutes to familiarise ourselves with the brief (as some people mentioned previously, it’s pointless to loose time on reading the first part as it is mostly a description of the company you are working in, the second part is what you need - the description of IE - the entity that supplies energy and has been recently acquired by a Brazilian organisation. IE experiences issues with customer satisfaction, increase in operating costs [you can establish this based on the financial statements given], possible investigation undertaken by some sort of government body and I don’t remember what else, to be honest :slight_smile:). Finally, there is an hour to write a report (remember how a report should be structured as they are looking for a professional layout) in which you have to evaluate IE’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (basically, SWOT analysis but not in a table) and provide recommendations on how the company can improve. You have to come up with recommendations yourself as there is no hints given in the report.


Thank you so much. You are so helpful.

And how was the group exercise? On which theme did you prepare?


The group exercise required us to come up with the idea on how a start-up telecommunication company can use disruptive technologies to implemenent a new product or service.

First task: Each group member had some time to write down its own ideas and then present them to the group. Afterwards, the group had to decide which idea should be proceed further.

Second task: The group had to decide on what sort of data is needed in order to improve the product/service it came up with, and what data source it can use to gather this information.

Third task: Each person was given a piece of information relating to Artificial Intelligence/Virtual Reality/Internet of Things/Chatbot/Blockchain, we had couple of minutes to familiarise ourselves with this technology and then we had to describe to other group members how it works and whether it is beneficial to use it in relation to our product/service . Based on these, the group had to decide which one it is going to use.

Fourth task: Evaluation of risks the product/service is exposed to.

Fifth task: Basically, what we have learnt from the group exercise.

The assessor changes for each task so each time we had to introduce ourselves and describe what we have done so far.
They do not assess product/service the group ‘‘invented’’ but the way you work in a team.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! You are very helpful!


I finished my online assessment last week, and I received an email from HR few days ago. In the email they asked me 3 questions about my working experience and professional qualifications. Did anyone experience this before? How long I can expect to hear back from them?