KPMG - Graduate 2019


Hey Philis! Thanks for reaching out! Sadly I’m currently based in the US and won’t be coming to London until April 20th :frowning:


Heya! Will you add you shortly :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
Has anyone whose application is on hold received a call from KPMG about switching to different route? Bcz I applied to Business Consulting in November and was asked whether I would like to change to Audit- Information Risk Management. But they just asked for my approval without clarifying whether I will be invited to the Launch Pad or not.


Are u still on hold? I also applied empowered audit london
My portal has been changed into “your application is under reviewed” for a month, but still no news


I’ve applied for financial advisory in Newcastle, still on hold since January. Anyone else has applied for Newcastle?


I first applied for Birmingham with the Business Consulting route.
And on the portal, my application status is still “on hold”. But I got a call last Friday asking whether I would like to switch into other programmes. I did not know much abt other available programmes so the guy on the phone said that he will call me back this Monday and he did. But after confirming that he will pass my application to Information Risk Management route, he said they will get in touch later to keep me updated.
So, to summarize, my application has been on hold for 3 months now.


HI aish, can you add me please?


Hi Deleia,

Can I ask you what was the group exercise about for your LP?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey Mmiah, I have my launchpad coming soon and would really appreciate if you can give me any tips on the group exercise? Thank you in advance. :slight_smile: My email address is


Hey Deleia…Congrats on your offer. My LP is coming soon and it is my first time to attend AC…would really appreciate if you let me know what the group exercise was about. Thank you in advance :slight_smile: my email is:


Hey! Do you mind me asking some question about the audio submission and the LP please? Either email me or send a text on whats app +77079501200 please. :slight_smile:
Do you remember what did you say on your audio submission and what they look for in it?



Hey Ash.
I have my LP coming up next week and was wondering if you could provide me some advice and insight into what the group exercises and written exercise will be? My email ID:
Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey! Could you please add me to your LP what’s app group? my number is +77079501200 or it could also be 87079501200. :slight_smile:


Hey! Can you please add me on what’s app as I would be happy to ask you some questions about the Launch pad please! My number is +77079501200 or 87079501200. Or you can tex me your number and I will add you:)


Hey Deleia,

Do you mind sharing some information on how your LP went? I’d like to add you to what’s app, my number is +77079501200 or 87079501200. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

Just attended the assessment center yesterday in Birmingham, have not yet received any outcome but if anyone needs any help feel free to contact me or even dm me. Happy to help :slight_smile:


Good luck! Look forward to hearing your good news! If you don’t mind can you please let us know what AC was like yesterday? Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

For those of you asking the assessment center wasn’t that hard, though not sure about my own outcome yet, so the best piece of advise would be to relax and just be yourself. There were three parts in total: a group exercise, a written exercise and an interview.

The group exercise basically comprised of creating a business model. For this part make sure that during the initial one hour when they are giving speeches you are keenly listening to them as those examples which they provide early on are definitely helpful later during the group exercise especially the last speech from the person working in technology.

For the written exercise just make sure you know how to structure a report and keep track of time. The first couple of pages are not important at all so don’t waste too much time on those but you will need to get a general understanding of the business.

The interview will be conducted by any person in the team you have applied to ranging from managers to partners. Make sure that you have some examples prepared in mind beforehand and are aware of why you want to join KPMG and that specific division you want to join.

One more thing there will be a lot of candidates in the assessment center - mine had a total of 225 candidates, so just don’t get intimidated and talk to everyone, some may later end up on the same table as you so in that manner you’ll have a better understanding from the start.

Hope this helps to all asking, and the very best of luck to everyone !


Hi mhm,

Thanks for your tips. Do you mind giving some extra details about the group exercise?

What did you specifically have to do ? Think about how a company can improve their customer service through technology? Or something else ??

And what questions did they ask you at the interview apart from why kpmg/the role/ and to talk about recent news?

Sorry for bothering you and thanks in advance :smile::smile::smile:


Hey guys I just received my offer for Audit from the Birmingham launch pad two days ago. If any of you need help feel free to message me and I’ll help you out best I can :slightly_smiling_face:.