KPMG - Graduate 2019



just got the hold email for software engineering
was told that i passed my audio submission, and then asked to pick a preferred role in software engineering
options given were Digital and Mobile solutions, and Financial Services Delivery Centre

then told that only the FSDC was available

anyone in the same hold boat for software engineering/tech?


hey, i was asked to do this in jan, i’ve been on hold since then.


does anyone know if your put on hold following digital submission, are you guaranteed an ac place? I don’t know whether it’s because other people have already attended/due to attend an ac for my scheme, or is it because they haven’t organised an ac yet?


anyone else whose applied to audit empowered london still on hold?


Are you still onhold? I am onhold since last November,got no news for LP…


same as me, apply for Tech and on hold since November. I think they must have no slot for Tech


Hi there, hope your interview went well. Just wonder what the LP is like for deals? I am applying for investment advisory and I supposed it would be similar as deals. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!


Anyone apply for Investment advisory got the LP invitation? I just received an email to book a slot but there is no slot available there, does it mean I’ve been put on hold?


Anyone applied for Tech Consulting and got an LaunchPad?


I’ve been waiting since the start of December. Haven’t heard a word, not even a message about being put on hold so i’m really not sure.


Hi Wiktoria,

I am going to the Launch Pad on 27th March in Birmingham as well for the Empowered Audit 2019 Role in Manchester. It would be very nice and helpful to connect. Please let me know. We can connect through Whatsapp if you don’t mind and my number is 07766201595. Happy for anyone else who is going to the upcoming Launch Pad to connect with me as well.


Hi Hamzaa,

Got invited to the 27th March Audit Empowered, Launch Pad held in Birmingham, for Manchester Role. Would be great to connect. 07766201595, can form a whatsapp group unless it is already formed.


Hi Aish,

It would be super super helpful if I can connect with you regarding the Launch Pad,would appreciate it so much if I can be added to the whatsapp group as well: +447766201595


Hi JYSM, I am going to the LP on 27th March in Birmingham too. Can I add you in whatsapp to have further communication about the upcoming LP if u dont mind.


Heya, anyone else attending the April 26th LP in London for Audit?


Hi Tommaso, I got a launch pad on 3 April in London. Are you based in London and interested in a group exercise practice? I am going to held a mock group practice session with my friends, feel free to contact me if you are interested:))


KPMG finally rejected me after keeping me in limbo form nov 2018. I applied for tech consulting. Anyone else heard back?


Hi, What did they say? is this because there is no slot for launch pad?


Hey Tommaso, I’ll attend the April 26th LP for Audit. We could have further communication about it if you would like to add me on Whatsapp 07593308892


Hey Philis, I’m in London and got a launch pad on 26th April in London, too. It’s so great to know about your mock group practice. If you don’t mind you could add my Whatsapp +447593308892:smiley: