KPMG - Graduate 2019



Anyone know until how long they will be doing LPs ? Possible they might do them till June ?


Congrats! May I ask the exact date that your application began to be on hold? My application has been put on hold since Nov too. Thx!


Hi mate, my application status shows the same changes. How’s your application status now?


Hey, does anyone know what the starting salary is for London audit?


30k I believe…


I’ve been on hold since 21st november for london audit… is anyone else still waiting from around this time


weird! I just received an email 4 hrs ago inviting me to choose the launch pad. It only has the option of 03 April which is super later but the weirdest thing is, the interview time is 7:45??? like really? I’ve never been to an AC that earlier and now I am scared as there might be a bug here.


hi Ash, can you choose your interview time for launch pad? mine shows 7:45 which is super earlier. Almost feels unmoral


The interview won’t start at that time. Because there is like 250 people going they just give people times to turn up so that everyone doesn’t turn up for registration at once. The day doesn’t start till 8.30/9


Cheers! that helps a lot.


did you attend the AC if you don’t mind me asking? What was the process like


No worries! You’ll probably be the first batch in, just means you have to mingle/network for longer but you do get breakfast within that time :blush:


The confirmation email they sent me says please arrive at 08:00


Hi, has anyone received LP invite for north east area?


Hi Deleia,

Just received the on hold email after the digital submission stage, the waiting game starts now I guess. Which role did you apply for?


Hi aish, can you add me to the whatsapp group please


I just got my email that I’ve been put on hold today :frowning:


Hi, can you add me to the group chat as well please? :slight_smile: thank you so much.