KPMG - Graduate 2019



Ahhhh amazing this gives me hope thanks ! Can I ask what you applied for


Information Risk management in Manchester :blush:


You’ve applied to Manchester… the real wait is for those who’ve applied to London!


Congrats and what time did you get the email?


Weirdly, at 10pm


Congratulations!!! Have you started prepping for KPMG yet? their prep can be pretty extensive, a friend of mine had to be prepped for service line knowledge/commercial awareness/competency based questions, etc.


Hey just wondering how the LP went, I did my audio submission for Financial Modelling in December and am yet to hear anything.


It was just like others have described it earlier, a group task, an interview with a director/partner and a written task lasting an hour. I was called two days later offering me the position by the person who interviewed me. They hold Launch Pads quite often and invite many people, so hopefully you will hear soon.


How do they hold so many and invite so many people ? The director/partner interviews must be very short if this is the case? Just wondering thanks


After the group exercise everyone was split into three groups, one going to do the interview, second doing the written task and last one going to network with people from KPMG, then you rotate throughout the day. There were many interviewers there, I’d say 30-40.


hi guys I have my application on hold for 2 weeks but then the status is changed to “your application is being reviewed” again. Anybody experienced this?


I applied audit(London) and my application is still on hold from last December. Anyone experience the same situation?


mine is onhold since last September hahaha



Just been invited to an LP on 29th March for Audit Empowered in Birmingham having been on hold since early November, any insight or tips on LP would be much appreciated!

Can also answer questions on some of the earlier stages.


Just got invited for LP in London - 3rd of April!


When did u apply ?


I got the on-hold email on the 11th of January


What role ?




Congrats mate sounds good !!