KPMG - Graduate 2019



Anyone still on hold for technology launch pad in Manchester?
I have been waiting for about 2 weeks and I’m getting worried!


2 weeks is nothing, some people have been waiting for months!


Yeah, that’s crazy…
My friend applied late in the season last year (February I believe) and got an invite within 2 days, so I thought it would go faster


I think it would be slower as there are less Launch Pad dates


Hey! Got LP on 29th for tech consulting :slight_smile: Add me to the threads please!


Hey! Can you do the same for me too? I’ve got LP for tech consulting on the 29th!


I’ve also been on hold since 16th Nov for tech consulting - when did you guys receive the LP invite btw out of curiosity? Best of luck all :smiley:


Anyone that applied for solutions consulting and had an LP?


still waiting…since 12 Nov on hold


I’ve been on hold since last October yet they’ve just invited me to a launch pad - don’t lose hope if you’ve been waiting for a while everyone!!


Anyone applied for actuarial and had an LP?


On the same boat… On hold since Nov17


For which programme/location? And when is your LP?


Been on hold since early December and still waiting, what location did you apply for??


I applied for London:)


Hi, don’t lose hope :slight_smile:

I aplied on 11th October, was put on hold on 18th October, got invited to a LP on 12th December (which took place 11th Jan) and I got an offer within 2 days… it’s a long process and the wait is always tough though!

I’ve had a lot of help from this so feel free to message if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer


Also applied recently and got put on hold

Any chances of getting through to LP?

Surely if there’s this much of a backlog they should take some of these jobs down so people stop applying to them


Hi Guys,

Recently received an offer so feel free to get in touch if you have specific queries - One most frequently asked query is about a recent news article you can discuss ( I did Brexit) but others have discussed GDPR and MIFD2 if you’re more comfortable with that. The questions usually come in the format of ’ Talk about a piece of news that is affecting businesses in general’

There is a whatsapp group I used to update my commercial awareness and practice interview questions and GDs. In case you want to join, just like this reply and i will add you


london tech consulting …Since 20Oct, on hold 12Nov wait till now…


Don’t lose hope, people. I applied at the beginning of Jan, was put on hold and got an email last night inviting me to a Launch Pad on 27th March!