KPMG - Graduate 2019



Did anyone receive their offer after 2 working days? Getting worried because it’s past 5.30 and I haven’t received a call from KPMG following the Friday LP.


Applied in beginning of October!


Congrats! Would you mind sharing your experience at LP in direct messages?


wish ICould receive mine as soon as possible


Hi guys, there is still a chance. I applied at the very end of December. The whole process of tests and digital submission took a little more than a week. I then got invited to a LP and got the offer just this week.


May I ask which role you applied for?


Hi! I have an LP on the 29th as well, applied for Financial Modelling. I was wondering if there’s a group chat or something? Looking to find out what to expect during the day.


May I ask when u receive the mail to LP.


14th Jan


Hi guys! My application has been on hold for about two weeks now. Since it is a bit late in the application season, I was wondering if all on hold applications are guaranteed a launchpad place.

It might be helpful to know that the grad scheme I had applied to is a branch of accounting advisory that isn’t very popular


It depends on where you’ve applied at. If you’re on hold, then your application is good enough for you to attend a launch pad, but there is a genuine risk that the role will fill before you attend an LP. One person I know who applied to Tax at the same time as when I applied for a different role at KPMG got placed on hold at the same time as me, but he was told a couple of weeks ago that the role had been filled, while I’m still on hold. I have no proof to back this up, but I think they process different “blocks” at different times, so they try and fill all the audit roles, then all the tax roles, etc etc. If the role you’ve applied at is still listed as an open vacancy on the KPMGcareers website, then I think it’s safe to assume it’s not been filled yet.


Hey, congrats!
Not that I know of, I have been trying to find the means of group chat/page but to no avail too


I applied to the transport and public sector accounting advisory programme in London. It is still available on KPMG’s career website but I am a bit worried because I’ve been waiting for about 2 weeks by now :frowning:


I’m on hold at the moment for M&A leeds. Haven’t had any news since I got put on hold at the end of december so I’m ready for the worst. The role is still open on the careers so I guess there’s still hope.


Just got a call to attend the Launch Pad on 29th. I applied for technology consulting and was put on hold since 1st November so it’s been nearly three months (for those who are worried about hearing back)


Seems like the Launch Pad on the 29th is for technology applicants…


If you need advise for your LP feel free to msg me I did one in December for deals :slight_smile:


Is the 29th Launch Pad in London? I applied for a technology related role up North, and, after researching, it looks like they had a launch pad in Manchester in mid-February last year


Yeah the one on the 29th is in London :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m kinda hoping I don’t get invited to one until february, I’ve got exams on the 30th and the 31st of Jan so that would be a very stressful few days!