KPMG - Graduate 2019



When I had mine I had the launch pad on the Tuesday, got that email the Wednesday morning, then got my phone call on the Thursday afternoon


Hi Guys,

I’ve recently got an offer from KPMG and happy to answer questions - I took the help of a community thats made of offer holders - feel free to DM me for any quetsions


Hi, do we usually get a phone call if it’s an offer, and an email if it is a rejection?


Hey everyone!
Anyone attending LaunchPad for Technology Consulting in London on 29th January?
Hit me up, let’s help each other out :slight_smile:


Can I ask when did you apply?

I applied for Tech Consulting on 11/10/2018 and received the standard “We have reviewed your digital submission and remain very interested in your application.” on hold email on 24/10/18, but haven’t heard anything since. I saw previously on this forum that people were asked for their preferences. Did you also receive this email?


yes you get a call if its an offer - although I have known people who didn’t get any call but when they logged on to their KPMG portal, it showed they had received offers


hey! Yes i received this email when i submitted my audio submission - so its absolutely normal- after about 3-4 weeks i received an invited to the launchpad


I could connect you to others who are DMing you


Yes, I did receive that email too!


Cool, thanks!


Hi, everyone!

Just got a follow-up email on my audio submission saying I’ve been put on hold, etc. I applied for Audit - Information Risk Management in Manchester (applied very late; beginning of Jan - I never considered working in audit or anything of the sort up until very recently).

Does anyone have any idea whether there is still a chance for me to get onto LP? Any stories of people who have gotten onto one even though they applied late?

Also, congratulations to everyone who got their offer!


may I ask about your timeline and the role you applied cos I have been waiting for many days and on 7th Jan they told me I need wait for a LP.
Many thx! And good luck


Hey I’m in the same boat. I got the on hold email a few days ago. To be honest I’m not expecting much as it seems we’re very likely at the back of a very very long queue for a LP as there’s people that have been waiting since October :frowning:


Just got the call following the Launch Pad 11th Jan to say that I have been offered a place. So keep an eye on your phones if you haven’t heard yet!


Congratulations on your offer!! Can I ask what number it was that called you?? I have a missed call from a Manchester number from this morning but no follow up since


Hey, it was an 020 London number!


Congrats! What role did you apply for?


Thanks! Audit Empowered but Spring 2019 start


the same ,still on hold and also have tests to prepare.


and when u receive that?