KPMG - Graduate 2019



I’m sorry to hear that, although I find it strange because don’t KPMG run AC’s through to summer time…


Yeah same… a friend of mine waited until June last year to be invited to AC for 2018 intake. But she applied for audit, maybe they don’t do the same thing for management consulting.


Oh I am so sorry to hear that maybe you can ask them whether there is other graduate vancancies in similar role or other office.


Has anyone applied for the Audit-Information Risk Management role? Any updates?


I’ve been put on hold for nearly a month now for Advisory (IARCS)… lost all hope


I have been on hold since 23th Sep. Let’s carry on…!




anyone not accepting their offer for deals?


Im accepting deals offer, where are you choosing instead?


Anyone received an offer but had technical problems with the delivery of the actual contract / onboarding?

Received an email stating that they are having technical difficulties in sending out the contracts and have been told to wait until January where the system should be working again. Anyone in the same situation?


I want to accept but I’ve been moved to 2020 but if people don’t accept their offer then I can start in 2019


Yeah I’ve had that, said that we will have it no later than the 7th of Jan


Thanks for that. I know someone who received their offer straight after and was told to ignore the email regarding issues so I’m glad others are in my position. Quite annoying as I really want to accept! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, got a LP for January 11th, was wondering if anyone was available to offer tips or possibly explain what to expect from the group exercises etc. Thanks in advance


May I ask your position and your office cos I am kind of worried and when you receive your LP?
sorry for any inconvenience.


I did! Got the LP on the 11th of Jan. Anyone have any idea what the brief we have to prepare is actually asking?


I’ve got a launchpad on that day too! Are you doing it in London?


Hi guys… I got an offer from the Bristol launchpad back in November for Audit empowered… if anyone needs tips for the launchpad I’m happy to advise… drop me a message on 07954211839.


Have I missed applications for the people consulting graduate program in London? Autumn intake 2019


Hey, happy new year!

for the people that applied for tech consulting, did you get an email about picking your preferences?