KPMG - Graduate 2019



I was invited to the LP for Jan 11th after being on hold for 6 weeks. Has anyone been to the LP for management consulting yet and have any tips/advice?


I’m also attending the LP on Jan 11th for management consulting! :slight_smile:


I also have an offer for 2019! After accepting your offer, have you heard anything other than the confirmation email? I haven’t been asked to provide any more information or anything, don’t know if this is normal or not?


No I haven’t heard anything! Where/what did you get your offer for? :slight_smile:


Ah thanks! That’s reassuring :slight_smile: my offer is 2019 audit empowered in London :slight_smile:


Congrats for your offer!! Can I ask when did you clear your audio submission?


Aw so is mine!! Do you start in March too?


If anyone needs help regarding their launch pad or audio submission or tests in general, feel free to message me. I got my offer last year and this community helped me a lot, so I’ll try my best to help out anyone.


has been on held since 12 Nov.
Seems I will still be on held.


Ah no I start in September! But that’s fab!


I applied in September, got cleared for audio in early October and then did 23rd October Launchpad


also on hold!


Hi, Congrats on your offer. Please can I ask you some advice on the partner interview? that would be great if you can give me your email. Thank you!


has anyone been invited to the 11 jan LP and if so for what role?


Has anyone else who applied for consulting and was on hold just received an email from KPMG?


Telling you they’re not going to progress your application any further right?


what did you apply for?


Management consulting London


did they give a reason why?


Roles are likely to be filled by those who have been invited to January AC and those who are on the on-hold list before me. It says it’s not a reflection of candidates ability etc…to try to make you feel better