KPMG - Graduate 2019



Which division?


yep got the call few hours ago


Got a call at 5:30 with an offer for DA


When did you apply?, and what office?


Applied 11th October, received an offer today and that was for London :slight_smile:


When abouts did you finish the verbal numerical etc? Asking because I applied the same day but didn’t do my tests till a few weeks later


da for london


hey just to make sure is this for management consultancy autumn 2019 intake?


Yep for management consulting


I think it’ll be the same for a couple of departments


Anyone who attended 7th Dec LP, was there anyone there that you spoke to who was there for management consultancy??




Hey, well done on getting the offer! I’ve applied for management consulting so i’m not sure if the process will be different but could you give any advice about your LP / the procedure / anything anyone sent you please?


Hi would like to ask after receiving the offer email, do we need to do anything to accept the offer? As the email said: We look forward to receiving your formal acceptance of our offer.

Or we will just need to wait of the on boarding email? Thanks


I’ve not responded, just need to wait I think I was at launch pad on the 27th of November got offer on the 29th and have had nothing through yet


Once you get the offer email, you need to click the link and log in to read all the documents involving the offer and then on the final one there is the option to accept or reject the offer!


Is this for the formal offer? How long did you wait to get it?


Yeah! I waited a week

Mail]( for Windows 10


Ah I’m now just past the 2 week mark! So impatient :joy:


Have many people gotten an invite for the LP for Jan 11th yet? Still waiting but saw that some have already been invited