KPMG - Graduate 2019



Hi all

I remember how hard the process is and happy to help anyone that needs help with interview and ac prep.

I got an offer from the big 4 a few years back but will do my best to help.

To make things easier I use a separate number to help people as I don’t come on here much as I used to. Feel free to WhatsApp or txt me on 0742 9344 465.

All the best and good luck!


Nope still be on held …solution provider…


Please Anna, could you add me to the group - my number is +447425273674


Hi Zoe, I have a LP coming, would you be able to shed some light on the group exercise, specifically on how one should behave in a group exercise to stand out. I have never done such exercise before, so really nervous and unsure about it.


Hi, anyone been invited to LP that has applied to management consultancy autumn 2019??


Has anyone received an LP for deal advisory london for 2019 intake?


Hi, has anyone been invited to Launch Pad for roles within the technology department? My application has been on hold for two to three weeks now. Thanks!


yea for friday


Do you know how long it took for them to reply? Ive been on hold since the end of october and am yet to hear anything?


it varies, i’ve been on hold since october 3rd


Hey there, congrats on getting an offer! I was wondering whether they had sent you your contract through yet? I received an offer but haven’t had the contract through yet


I have received an offer but haven’t received the contract as well. Has anyone who received an offer from attending the 30 Nov LP has received the contract?


Not yet, they said 5-10 days but could be longer because of the number of people at the LP


congrats on your offer! I have my launch pad coming up and was wondering if you could give any tips of how it went?


Hey! When is your launch pad and where?


Friday and London


Hi good luck for your LP. i was wondering which role did you apply for?


Is it empowered or intensive ?


friday as in tomorrow?


Also has anyone else for empowered deal advisory london received an LP? Im worried about getting rejected as I haven’t received one and have been on hold for about a month now.