KPMG - Graduate 2019



Apart from behavioural capabilities, standard interview questions and recent news articles regarding KPMG, do you have any general tips about the process.

My start time is 7:45am so I’m assuming I need to get there about 15-20 minutes early etc.

Thank you!


Hi, would it still be possible to add me to the Group Chat? If so my number is 07896560010


Hey Sara,

Could you let me know about the written exercise in more detail? That seems the hardest, how did you do layout of report? (Used heading titles?)

Also, the tell me about recent business news? question scares me :flushed:
If you can, any advice on answering that.

Thank you and congrats!


Hey! thats insane congrats! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you lay out your report? And what type of recommendations did you give in terms of how to improve the fictional company? Congrats again :slight_smile:


Hi Sara, congrats on your offer! I have my launch pad this friday (30th) in London for audit and was wondering if you have any general tips for all aspects of the day, in particular the written report and the interview. what sort of preparation did you do and how much are you expected to know about the news relating to adult etc. Thanks!


Hi Guys,

I was put on hold on 26 november for tax at birmingham. I wanted to ask is too late now. Also is there someone who applied for tax at birmingham ?


Anyone from the Bristol launchpad received their contract following the receipt of a verbal offer?


Hi there,

I got an email today to invited me to the lunch pad on 7th Dec, hope someone can give some advice about the group discussion and par interview. Thanks!


I haven’t yet either


Hi Anna, my number +447491639142. I have a LP tomorrow


Hi Anna,

My number is 07896560010, if you wouldn’t mind adding me.


Have anyone failed the online test and try to apply it again?

whether we can apply again, using different ID or email?

anyone have already tried to do it ? who can share with me ?


Good luck to everyone taking part in the LP tomorrow! If anyone would be so kind as to PM me once its completed I have a few quick questions which I would really appreciate an answer for. Once i’ve completed mine I will be happy to return the favour to others.

Thank you and good luck guys!


could u share your timeline ? role and office, sorry for any inconvenience


no problem, Audit-London 2019, I received the holding email from KPMG on 2nd Oct.


Does anybody that received an offer know if KPMG offer relocation services/allowance?


THX I have been on held sinse 12th Nov it seems I don’t need to worry recently

Many thanks again


has anyone from Deals Advisory had a LP yet?


Has anyone from technology consulting got an LP yet?


Has anyone got a Launch Pad date for Manchester?