KPMG - Graduate 2019



I did the same launch pad. Heard from a friend that they start making phone calls at around 3:30. Nervous too:grimacing:.


I had stop holding my breath for the next few hours then! I can start to panic then! good luck!


What if I missed the call? Will they just send an email?


Good luck! btw which role and office did you apply for?


business consultancy, what about you?


I’m assuming they will leave a voicemail. But they do send an email.


Audit in Manchester




Hi zhaot, Can I add your WeChat? Also apply for audit!


Hey Anna, could you add me? My launch pad is on 30 November. My number is+447376116648


Hey guys, I just got my offer from the launch pad on Wednesday. If anyone is wanting some advice just give me a message!


Hiya! Just got my offer for KPMG Audit Empowered in London. Applied end of October and got my LP invite around mid November. Attended the Leeds LP even though I live nowhere near. Happy to give any advice to anyone who needs


Hi Anna Could you add me as well? MY LP is on the same day and number is +44 7708 771658


hey anyone applied for london intensive have been to the lp? have been on hold for 2 months alr


Got my offer yesterday.
Good luck!


Hi Zoe, can you give me some advice about how to prepare for the group exercise and written report? I have never been to a AC before. so nervous!!


Hi Sara, I applied for the same role!
May I ask how did you prepare for the group exercise and written report?


Hi Anna, please add me +447774857101


hi zoe, are you able to message me please? i have a couple of questions. also congrats!!


HI Anna,
Can you add me to the gc as well, my LP is on the 30th of Nov? +447483893116
Thank You