KPMG - Graduate 2019



I really don’t know to be honest :frowning: did you apply for MC london as well?


yeh i did I just found out now too !


Was it by email or on the portal?




Thanks! All the best!


hi i’ve also got launch pad on the 30th, message me to have a chat and we’ll give each other a hand


hi i’ve also been invited to 30th november lp, respond to this message if you would like to share any advice or helpful things you come across. I would be more than happy to do the same:)


Hey can everyone message me their number for whatsapp if you want to be part of a group chat or smth??


Submitted my audio submission mid August and got an invite to LP mid October. Attended LP 2 days ago. All in all, from application start to LP outcome = 3 and a half months. Any questions just ask


Does anyone know around about what time the recruitment team call us to let us know the outcome of our launchpad? Had mine on Wednesday and I’m so nervous😬


It’s not the recruitment team. It’s the person who interviewed you


how many candidates are usually at a Launch Pad?


What time did you receive a call?


There was 200 at mine


wow. I’m assuming all of you didn’t apply for the same role?


No there was a range of different roles, and for different offices around the country. I only spoke to one candidate that had applied to the same role and location as me


Hi Anna, would you mind adding me in the group chat as well? My number is 07521524317. Thanks in advance.


that’s made me feel kinda relieved haha, where was your LP?


In Leeds, where is yours?