KPMG - Graduate 2019



Birmingham for Audit, how about you?


Bristol intensive audit


I applied to audit summer intern in Manchester. Also going to this LP.


I received the invitation to LP the same day I received the “we remain interested in you” email.


Has anyone heard back after being on hold for London Management Consulting?
Been on hold since 23rd October.


Tech consulting London still be held on till now.


has anyone gotten an invite for deal advisory in london?


Has anyone heard back from Business Consulting - Risk and Reg in London?


I applied for Cyber Security in Manchester and got placed on hold over a month ago at this point, does anyone know roughly how much longer I should expect sorting out the LP will take?


Anyone attending the 30th Nov London Launchpad?




Those who have received offers, how long did it take to receive your contract?

What salary should we be expecting for Audit in a regional office?


Hi for everyone who got an offer how much did you prepare for the AC? Any tips for preparation?




I think we were told 2 weeks. I haven’t got my contract but got the offer a week ago. What office are you going to ?


Sat my LP at Leeds yesterday for 2019 start. Went well.


I’m applying to business consulting - management consulting and I have an lp on 30th nov. Only found out just now and worried that I don’t have enough time to prepare. Any advice would be really appreciated!


Hi! Congrats on your LP, I’ve applied for the same role in London, may I ask when you submitted your audio submission and if you were put on hold? I’ve been on hold since 22nd October so just wondering when I’ll hear back!


So I submitted my audio on the 27th and was put on hold on the 29th!!


omg same, do you think the launchpad is the same as the one for audit?