KPMG - Graduate 2019


Hey I am preparing for my digital submission now, when you answer questions, did you just answer them one by one without words like’ for the first question’‘for the second question’? Or you would say something to smooth between answers?


Hey no I just went on and spoke it like it was a short speech.
Didn’t need to make the conjunctions obvious.
Just make sure you cover each point and to be safe divide your time equally between the three questions! You’ll be fine I’m sure :slight_smile: good luck!

Kpmg - 2018

Are you asked to give it in 2 minutes or 2 minutes?


120 seconds minimum and 150 seconds maximum

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Anyone progressed past the ‘on hold’ email after the audio submission yet?


Hey I was wondering if I managed to pass all three tests, do I get to choose the starting date of the 3-day digital submission? Thanks


Hey I just received the standard ‘remain very interested in your application’
Does anyone know when they will sort out the dates for their launchpads?


I assume soon, unless they already have and people are already going to them - hence us being put on hold etc etc


Hey mmiah! Can you give a brief about your experience at the July 5th Launchpad?
Also, which uni do you go to and what course did you study?
Thanks in advance


Hi guys. I’ve just had a LP for the 2018 intake but have been offered a 2019 position in Audit - Intensive as the 2018 is now completely full. If anyone is in a similar position, feel free to hit me up. Also, if any applicants are currently going through the assessment process, may be able to help with and queries you have as well!


Hi, I know it must be a silly question, but two years ago when applying for a placements I failed the SJT, any advice for that?
The thing is that for some companies is was never and issue but for some it was.


Just read through there 9 competencies and their values and make sure you can apply each of these to some of your own scenarios and if you so you should get through the SJT by just always having their competencies and examples of your own that show you align with them in the back of your head and it should be absolutely fine! Good luck

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Anyone at a decent stage in the process for the 2019 Intake?


Hey Joe hall! Can I add you to our WhatsApp group so you can help us applicants there?
I understand if you are not comfortable with sharing your number :slight_smile:



Hey darian1,

Hey Joe hall! Do you mind if I message you as I will probably have my LP in the start of October



I applied on the 30th of july snd am currently ‘on hold’ after submitting my digital audio submission :slight_smile:


120 seconds minimum and 150 seconds maximum


Maybe you can email them and ask them if you can start your digital submission later

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Hey would you mind give me some advice on LP and tell me about the process and how would it go ?


Hey I am also an applicant for 2019 autumn intake, could you give your whatsapp number and let me add into your group so we can share our information together?