KPMG - Graduate 2019



Hi which office did you apply for? And also did you apply for business consulting?


thank you! My WeChat is ZoeArthur95 . Looking forward to it!


Hi Sophia ! Could you please add me as well ? My id is BermanZ95


Hi :slight_smile: Yes I did - for London. What about you ?


What’s your number usama?


Has anyone applying for audit received a launchpad located in London this/next month ?


Me too!! But still on hold atm :frowning: but I think I applied quite a but after you did so fingers crossed :slight_smile: good luck at the LP tho!! Did you receive an email from them for the LP btw?


Anyone who went to yesterdays bristol launch pad heard back yet?


Is there a group chat for 30th Nov London Launch pad?


Hi Sophia, I tried to add you on WeChat but I can’t find you with the account you have provided. Would you mind adding me at nm382195369 please? Or maybe you can check your account again and I will try to add you again. Thanks




PSA: I hate policing on the internet but I’d encourage those having 1:1 convos on public threads to message each other privately. It makes it harder for others to understand what’s relevant otherwise!


Hi guys I have my launchpad on the 21st november in Leeds, and I’m really dreading the written exercise because that’s where I always stumble at assessment centres. Any tips on how to tackle the written exercise? When your given data, should you make reference to it directly or just write about what you’ve deduced from the data without quoting it in?


I haven’t.


Haven’t heard back either after Bristol.
Not looking good.
Anyone heard back yet?


Correction. Got mine late today.


Have heard back about an hour ago with an offer


Congrats!! Any tips for the assessment centre?


I know it’s said a lot but bearing in mind their core values is key. And look for every opportunity to apply them. And for the interview, be relaxed, build rapport and treat it like a conversation. Don’t force it and don’t say what you think they want to hear. Talk about what interests you.


What department and city ?