KPMG - Graduate 2019


Yep, 07783396730

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The same day with you. Do you wanna mock AC?


Count me in pls! Shall we create a whatsapp group for 31/05 lp;)


yh sure i will make one, send me your number if you want to be added to the 31st of may launch pad group


it took me 1 week to get a launch pad date!


+44 7419538521. Thanks x


Hi! May I please know when it was that you submitted your audio submission? I submitted mine around 2 weeks ago and have yet to hear back :frowning:


I’ve also got an invite to this LP, could you add me too: +44 7400008196



I’ve been invited, mind adding me on Whatsapp: +44 7400008196


I’m also invited - mind adding me on Whatsapp: +44 7400008196


Hi Everyone. How long did it take for you to get an LP date? I just got on hold email today and kinda feeling hopeless.


I got on hold email after 6 days of submission then another 9 days for lp invite.


Hi guys, I just got an email saying I need to book onto an LP event within 24 hours of recieving said email!! However the link in the email doesn’t lead to any sort of launchpad booking portal and just leads to the grad application page where it still says my application is on hold, any help with this?


Hi! May I please know when you submitted your audio recording? :slight_smile:


1st May


Hi! can u add me to the whatsapp group as well for 31/05 lp! Thank u sm!!
+43 6643398989


Hi, I’m also invited for the LP on 31st :slight_smile: Could you add me on WhatsApp please? My number is: +44*******272
Anyone applied for tax?


Hey me too! Can you send an email to me so we can exchange ideas or anything? Thank you so much!


Hey can you add me in as well? Thank you so much! +447938050159


Is anyone on the IRM audit cohort that have their application on hold? Also, is there anyone on May 31 that’s in IRM audit?