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Let’s get a thread going for people applying to KPMG’s graduate programmes this year!

KPMG - Graduate 2019

New recruitment process - includes digital submission. I have applied however I do not meet the GCSE requirements due to extenuating circumstances. However, I am on target to achieve a first in my degree. Would this be a problem in the future?


I applied at the start of last week, got through all the tests (surprisingly) but am now on hold for the digital submission as apparently they are very busy!


Passed the Digital Submission, however on hold too at present.


Are the tests and the briefing for the digital submission the same as last year?


The online tests were roughly the same as last year.

Digital submission questions were:
‘Can you tell us why KPMG are the clear choice for you?’
‘Can you tell us what interests you about the business area you have applied for?’
‘Considering the current and evolving importance of technology to KPMG, how do you
think technology will impact KPMG’s business in the next few years?’


Hopefully shouldn’t be too long! Got taken off hold today, doing the digital submission later this week!


If I understood correctly when I called them up, I think they haven’t finished organising all the final bits like the dates of the launchpad and etc… (like all the small details for the last stage). So… that’s why a lot of people are on hold. They said it will be sorted in like 1 or 2 weeks and they will start progressing people in order of when they applied.


I would tell your friend not to worry.

What normally happens people that do Industrial Placements tend to get an offer if they perform well. So in theory they tend to get priority – the big 4 find themselves that Graduates want to move around and not stay with the same company after Graduating, I’m assuming this is where they are at present (that and probably haven’t sorted launchpad dates yet)


Are people on hold for submitting their digital submission or for getting a response. I was told yesterday that my digital submission had been reviewed and that they would let me know if I could be progressed based on people in front of me who may fill the roles.


Yesterday I completed the tests and today I was progressed to the digital submission.


A few friends of mine are put on hold for their digital submission but after giving my tests two days back, I got an invitation for the audio part today. I think may be it depends on the office and division.


I’ve been put on hold today as well. Sounds like I got the same email as nwill13. I’m surprised there are apparently that many people ahead in the process – I applied to the position within two days of the application going online thinking I was on the ball.


Interesting because I didn’t apply till around the 8th August. It sounds maybe like it’s a generic email because they haven’t quite sorted the launch pad dates. Which office and role are you applying to?


London audit (“empowered”), and you?


London for consulting, hopefully we hear back early this week.


Crossing my fingers for you! (And for me.)


Hi everyone! I’m preparing digital submission. May I know if everyone gets the same questions as Grad’18? Or you have different questions?


Hi, yes mine were exactly the same as Grad’18, motivation for KPMG, motivation for business area and impact of technology.


Yup, the same questions