Kpmg graduate 2014



Hi all,

I have taken the verbal (54th percentile) and numerical reasoning (67th percentile) KPMG online test for a graduate position in Aug 2014.

I have received a message I have passed both tests and that a graduate recruiter will analyse my application and get back shortly within next week.

Does this mean that I might not get to the next stage even though I received a message stating I passed both numerical and verbal tests?

I believe the next round would be a telephone interview from what I read, is this still the procedure?




I don’t think it means anything other than that at this stage; most recruiters don’t automatically select based on aptitude tests alone.


Hi Clint,

From the results you’ve posted here, you have met our benchmarks for the online tests. Before the telephone interview stage, we assess your academic achievements. Provided these meet our benchmark, we will be in touch regarding a telephone interview shortly.

I hope that helps to clarify your question. However, if you need anything further please let me know.

Kind Regards,