Kpmg for 2019-graduate-audit/ aca/ca empowered-london- autumn


Hi there,
I received an email from kpmg after my submission of the audio on 23th Jul 2019, said they remain interested in me, but the role maybe filled by the other candidates ahead of me.

anyone got the Launchpad recently can give me any hit of the time I will receive the invitation for Launchpad?

thanks a million!


Hey - I applied for this exact same role and must have got the same e-mail on Monday. From what I gather, its a bit of a standard e-mail everyone gets as they can only take X amount of people to each AC.

I’ll let you know if I get any further info :slight_smile:


Thanks very much! I was so worried

kingboo via WikiJob Forum于2019年7月31日 周三下午5:34写道:


hey, did you hear it back? i think the role is filled:sleepy:


How do you know this?