KPMG First Round Interview


I had a face-to-face interview with KPMG London last Thursday, I was told in the interview I would be contacted within 48 hours. I got an email today saying my application is currently under review, and it might take a few more days before a decision is made. Is this because there are too many applicants at the moment? When do people usually hear back after the first round with KPMG?
Many thanks!


same with me, but i got the email yesterday. i applied last year and got feedback within 24 hours…maybe there’re just loads of applicants


same with me, but i got the email yesterday. i applied last year and got feedback within 24 hours…maybe there’re just loads of applicants


Thanks Little_Blue, I called them on Tuesday, they told me the interviewer haven’t uploaded the interview notes to their system. I’m still waiting for my results…


I had my interview yesterday and was told it could take up to 3 days to hear back.

Anyone who has a first round interview coming up I would strongly insist you read the wikijob post on KPMG interview questions and prepare some answers. It helped me tackle the questions with ease, to the point where my interviewer ran out of space to write my points, I presume that was a good sign.
As well as I felt the interview went, predominantly thanks to the wikijob members’ advice, I’m going to get rejected due to my honesty.

So yeah I expect a rejection by latest wednesday next week.


Hey what did you guys apply for? Just had a first round interview today for Transactions and Restructuring at KPMG. Did anyone else find that the interviewer puts you under a lot of pressure by asking for ridiculous detail in your experiences. I thought it was rude and unprofessional. I know a few people who did the same interview and didn’t have anything like that.


Hey Simosa. Im sure you did well :slight_smile: what questions did you get asked anyway? and how did they probe them? any advice? cheerrs p.s. which office are you applying to?


the interview is very structured. Know your examples well.

The questions that stumped me most were: A time you took a new approach, A time when you’ve worked within a team and had to gain insight or advice from another person?, A time you convinced someone.

My examples overlapped and I expect them wanting more variety, so I came up with some stupid example on the spot… The interviewer had stopped taking that many notes towards the end, which was a signal to me and made me feel even worse.
well…looking on the bright side, “its a great learning experience”


Hey everyone,

Anyone apply for KPMG Pensions for 2011? My face-to-face interview is coming up. Can anyone share some of their experience with me please?

Much appreciated for your help!

Many Thanks!



I have my first round interview coming up in January. I applied for Tax. Anyone who can share their interview experiences.

Would appreciate your help!

Thank you


I had a first round interview for a summer internship in audit in Manchester on Tuesday.

I received an email today stating I had been successful at the interview but that there were no places left on the scheme (very annoying).

Has anyone been told the same or had this happen in the past and what was the outcome?

I can stay on a ‘reserve’ list in case some people don’t accept but this seems unlikely and there could be another 10 people ahead of me.


Hi everyone,
Just to share my experience of applying for a work placement at KPMG. I have actually lost an interest in the company because of the disappointment in their graduate recruitment department. Unfortunately, the lady there was unable to handle foreign qualifications. So, if you are studying at one of the British universities and have qualifications from other countries (your country of origin), than prepare for long and detailed explanations of your qualifications via email. So, a tip here would be: try to give the best possible equivalents of your foreign qualifications (do not forget the equivalents of the grades) to the British ones (I did - but that apparently was not enough), otherwise you will simply be ‘unsuccessful’. I actually expected that the graduate recruitment of such an international company as KPMG would be familiar with the grade systems and qualifications in other big countries. Well, maybe not. :slight_smile:

Just to compare: Deloitte is more aware about the equivalents of foreign qualifications and grades.


I applied for KPMG London Assurance 2011, I was told they would arrange a first round interview for me in early December, but still haven’t received a final confirmation. I kept getting emails from the HR saying they remain interested, and trying to arrange an interview for me as soon as they could.
Does this happen to anyone else? How long did it take for you to get a first round interview?


I applied for london audit 2011 in november and the same thing happened to me…
They finally got back to me last week to arrange the interview so hopefully they won’t keep you waiting much longer.


Has anyone been to the wikijob assessment day training as it helps with KPMG interview. I was thinking to go this Saturday (5th Febuary) but I would like some reviews of people who have been, as this course is very expensive for a student.

Any replies would be helpful!


Hi Terryjay,

Around when did you apply? I applied in Jan for Tax London. They came back to me last week saying the vacancies are already filled and asked me either change the location or business area. Now I have got my location changed. I think that location will be filled in before they get back to me with an interview date.


Hi AugGal,

Now your post has got me unpleasantly worried! I applied for Tax (London) sine November, but only had my interview this week. I hope I don’t hear that the positions are already filled?

Surely they wouldn’t have bothered interviewing me if that were the case, right?



Hey everyone,

I have a KPMG interview coming up for place on the vacation programme (audit).

Is it just competency? If so, all 8 competencies listed on the website, or just the 5 competencies listed in the email which confirms my interview. (The email which I got lists 5 competencies out of the 8 listed on the web)

Do they ask current affairs/business knowledge too?

If possible, please post a list of questions asked by KPMG!
Sorry for the long post!

Any advice/previous experiences would be Greatly appreciated.


In my interview it was only the competencies posted in the E-mail.

I found that trying to answer the questions on the KPMG website itself were the best way to prepare. Yes they are very general, but thinking about them from a wider perspective should allow you to understand where they are coming from.

There are tons of posts about the questions that you can expect to be asked during the interview on this and other threads, but the reality is they are too specific and may not creep up for you. Other people feel differently and thought this was the best way to prepare!

And yes, there was definitely a commercial awareness section. But, then again, “Business Focus” was one of my competencies being tested.


hey thanks a lot for your advice!. Highly appreciate your reply.

What service line was your interview for? and was it for a Grad role or Vacation programme? did you get an offer from them?

Sorry to annoy you, but one more question regarding Business focus, since I have not being following news lately.

Can you please tell me what kind of questions do they ask? And to what details do they expect you to know the issue? and what kind of issues? (banking/regulatory/companies etc. etc.)