KPMG First Round Interview



I know that this has been discussed a few times but I was wondering whether anyone could give me any guidance…

I have a first round interview with KPMG and I have thought about relevant answers to many questions, there are just a few which are causing me some problems.

For example -

How KPMG differentiates itself - perhaps something to do with their company ethos? The fact that they care about their staff or the fact that emphasis is put onto help in the community?

What risks does KPMG face? - Could this be to do with the changing policies in the government, the FSA for example?? What other risks are they facing?

Also on a different note - does anyone know what kind of proportion of people are accepted at the first round interview?

Thank you in advance for your help!




Well thank you Vbite, that really contributes to the discussion.

I hope the rest of your day working in a recruitment office is as fruitful as this thread.