KPMG first round interview


Hi everyone,

First of all Id like to thank everyone who’s posted on these forums, they’ve been fantastic in helping me prepare for the recruitment process so far.

I have a first round interview at KPMG on Thursday for their Audit scheme and needed some help! I was wondering if anyone had any pearls of wisdom regarding how KPMG stands out in the market place and how it compares to its main competitors?

Thank you in advance!


I mentioned the Sunday Times best big company to work for a couple of times, my interviewer and later the partner who interviewed me both seemed to appreciate this. Focus on the people etc…

To be honest, with the first interview I think if you know a couple of things about kpmg and your role then you just need to concentrate on the competencies.


Yeah I agree. I generally stated their stature, clientele, international secondment opportunities, early responsibilities, people and culture, supportive environment for training etc. This only accounts for a small proportion of the first interview, more notably the career motivation competency though. You will be measured similarly on the other competencies, which also require good answers for.


Hey jbish, did you get through to the final round?


I did, I have since accepted their offer, very exciting!


Wicked mate! Same here! Which office will you be joining? I’m going to be in London.


Congrats jbish!


Here is a list of the questions I got asked in my first round interview on those competencies:

• Describe when you have worked in a team. Were there any disagreements
• Giving a different example – when have you had to support someone who was struggling.
• What has been your proudest achievement.
• Outside of scholl/university when have you had to work under pressure?
• How do you keep up to date with current business issues.
• Tell me about a current business issue.
• Tell me about a business which is doing well/badly due to the current economic climate.
• Why audit.
• Why KPMG.
• Why do you think KPMG employees keep voting KPMG for the ‘best big company to work for’ award every year.
• What do you think you will be doing in your first 5 years at KPMG?

Hope that helps!



Hello people,
my first interview with KPMG is coming up next week.
I was hoping if you could provide some assistance in this regard.I have read the posts, and they are extremly helpful.
There are certain things that i need to clear out, and i would really appreciate if you could spare some time for me:
1-when asked about any business or company that is under or over performing, do we have to give global well known examples or local examples will suffice?
2-I am not very good at the commercial awareness part, so could you please give me an examples of any current business issue that i should research upon to give an effective answer? and could someone provide me with some idea of any business doing poorly due to current economic change?
3- any advice on improving my general commercial awareness for the interviews?
awaiting your reply…


Dear Fellows, Could anyone please give me advice on what things should be highlighted in the ‘Making an impact’ and ‘drive and resillience’ competencies?i would be grateful!!


Thanks 6804689
Can anyone help me with this question:
What problems do you think professional services firms are facing today?
I have a few thoughts, just need to fine tune it.
Secondly, if I ahve to give an example of some under/over performing business, can it be of some educational institute?


Hey dbeckham32,

I have the interview scheduled for the next week. When and where is your interview?

I am also struggling with the same question about the problems that professional services firms are facing today. I also can’t answer the question what is the biggest challenge, which KPMG is currently facing. Any suggestions?

About the educational institute, I think it is alright, as long as it is a profit making organization and you can discuss its issues in-depth.


Hey dbeckham32 and b_ware,

I was asked about the effects of the recession and talked about decline in mergers/acquisitions (and therefore the decline in demand for related services that KPMG provides), I mentioned the changes in demand to other service lines (tax services increasing), and talked about increased scrutiny on auditors and stuff like that as a result of all the chaos with HBOS etc. Nothing too detailed, but I got through so it was enough!

When talking about businesses, I don’t think it really matters if its local, global, or what sector it is it, as long as you talk confidently, enthusiastically and have justification for whatever you say. I spoke about a company that I worked for on my gap year, a family owned food retailer in Vancouver, and it went down very well, mostly (I reckon) because I knew about the company and what it was doing and was comfortable talking about it.

Making an Impact - no questioning on this as its all about how you come across, so be confident, professional, enthusiastic and SMILE! …and try to contain those nerves :slight_smile:

Drive and resilience - you need to show them with your examples that you can adapt to change (circumstances, targets, etc), work under pressure and motivate yourself

As for commercial awareness… I was in the same boat, I just read up on BBC News Business section online over the course of a couple weeks and that got me through. Keep an eye out for anything to do with Banks, big business stories, anything to do with the Pre Budget report, mergers, acquisitions, etc. Also check the KPMG Media section, and the FT if you have time.

Hope that helps and good luck!



Thanks, Kevin. I will take advantage of your advices and try to do my best on the interview :slight_smile:

Btw congrats on the offer!


Hello people,

I have first round interview coming up. I read thro’ the posts and gained a good idea about what I need to prepare.

I am for Risk and Compliance - Technology scheme. It would be much helpful if people cud share their experiences and advice for this scheme.

Also, do I need to prepare the current business issues and commercial awareness focussing on technology or is it fine to discuss a general business issue?

Help wud be much appreciated.