KPMG First Round Interview


Hey guys, I got a first round interview for KPMG but couldnt make it for the dates in July. I notified them and now I am gonna get one in Sep? Is that too late? Will I be foregoing an advantage by not taking an earlier one? It is extremly difficult to me to make it to this one.


You should ask them

some firms have a few start dates in september so technically they could let you start in september but you really need to ask them

if it is in anyway possible to go to the one in july (3 days left!) go to it - is their no dates in august?


there is dates in August. But being a student…its hard to go considering i am in another continent right now!!! I am just having a telephone interview now!


ah yes thats how it is difficult

in this situation i think a telephone interview is the best option


I am not too keen on it though. I have no experience of phone interviews what so ever. Any suggestions at all??