KPMG First Interview


Hi Guys,

I have been invited for the first interview and i can’t get my head around certain questions that might be asked. They are:

What is the biggest challenge currently facing KPMG ?
What is your understanding of the credit crunch and how is it affecting KPMG ?

I will be very grateful for ideas on how to the approach to these questions. Thanx



Have a look at [[credit crunch effect on audit]] for a start!


Yeah make sure you also look at the [[Sarbanes-Oxley Act]]. I think the most difficult thing is that in times of financial crrisis, the [[audit risk]] is much higher, so [[KPMG]] can get into trouble a lot more often. In addition, you would expect it’s city clients to be arguing down the cost of audits. Lastly, any non-essential consultancy work, including tax or advisory, will suffer a drop demand.