KPMG First Interview Pensions Queries


Hi everyone,
I’ve applied to the Pensions graduate stream at KPMG and have the first interview coming up. I’ve looked through a lot of threads on here with lots of help on interview questions but was wondering if there is anyone who applied to pensions and the questions you were asked. Also, I only applied last week and was surprised to see there were still vacancies so far into the academic year - does anyone have any thoughts on why there are so many places still available? Have lots of people been rejected so far?

Your help is very much appreciated!!


And another question - the interview dates I have been given are the same dates as some of my exams, and I have exams for the next few weeks. Does anyone think it would look badly on me if I were to ask for the interview date to be rescheduled for a few weeks time? I feel really bad postponing it but want to be able to give the interview my all and feel I can’t concentrate on researching and interview skills while studying for my finals as well!



Hi there,

how was your application?