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I have been reading this forum for a while now and taken lots of great advice to help with getting a grad role. I have a first round interview with KPMG audit in London in a few days time and was looking for some help on a couple of questions I expect to be asked. i have done lots of research on these but still feel a lack of clarification. I did law at uni which may explain my slight confusion:-

I expect a question along the lines of ‘can you tell me about an issue facing the uk accounting industry at the moment’. I am obviously aware of the recession and many of the associated implications and also with Sarbannes Oxley. I expect the interviewer will want a specific answer and feel the effects of the recession and sarbanne oxley (being a US law) are not what they’re looking for. I would greatly appreciate any accountants out there pointing me in the right direction…

The second stumbling block I anticipate is when asked what distinguishes KPMG from their competitors and why do I specifically want to work for them. In honesty I want the job as the ACA is a great qualification and I feel it’s about time I got a ‘proper’ job and also it pays well and will allow me to move to London - after qualification (if i get that far) i plan to do a masters and hopefully move into the public sector. Anyway, getting back to the point, the big four all seem very similar to me, both in the services they offer and the clients they work with and I feel like I don’t have a decent answer to this question…

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  1. They will probably say tell me about something else apart from the credit crunch/recession and sarbanes oxley is a bit old now

try or business sections of broadsheets

  1. Talk about the awards they have won, the experience you have had meeting KPMG people in careers fairs etc.

Annual Report
Corporate Social Responsibility

Their merger with spanish, german kpmg firms

I wouldn’t recommend talking about moving to london after qualifying just say getting aca with kpmg will give you lots of opportunities in the future