KPMG First Interview Experience & Questions


Hi all,

I have recently had my KPMG 1st round interview for Audit, unfortunately didn’t get through but thought I’d post my experiences to help you guys!

I have recently finished a graduate scheme in another industry, and I have been considering Big 4 audit (esp KPMG) for a couple of years now. Got through application form and tests previously but then withdrew my application when my circumstances changed.

This time:
I did a lot of prep for both application and interview, made sure I was bang up to date on current issues in accounting, read these forums back to back, found out lots about KPMG and the role in Audit (I currently work in process audit so thought it would be not too far removed).

I passed all competencies except Career Motivation, which I think although I was prepared for I didn’t manage to get this across at interview as the questions they asked for that section were very vague & open and also the interviewer didn’t do as much probing as I anticipated.

So just a word of warning, make sure you think carefully before you answer, make sure your responses are absolutely watertight and your examples are adaptable to any question they might ask.

Questions (iirc):

Drive and resilience

What’s your proudest achievement?
Describe a time when you had to work under pressure to a tight deadline
Describe a time when the demands on your time changed

Building relationships

Describe a time when someone criticised your actions
Describe a time when you had to provide emotional or moral support to a team member
There was another which I don’t recall…

Business focus

Describe a current business issue
How do you keep up to date with business news?
Tell me about a news story are you currently following
Tell me about a company who could further develop their business…elaborate etc.

Making an Impact

Don’t remember if there were any questions, I think they mostly look at how you come across at the interview.

Career Motivation

What is audit?
What do you know about KPMG?
How will you feel about studying and working etc?
What is your career plan?
Who else have you applied to?


Great information, I have a first round interview coming up for an Audit Graduate position so this should really focus my preparations, thanks!


Hello, thanks for your help. I have an interview for audit coming up and have considered using a company called Green Turn for interview preparation.
Has anyone used this company before?