KPMG final partner interview



Dear Sam,
I passed my AC three weeks ago and was asked to attend a partner interview right away the following week in Bristol where I applied my 2015 audit graduate scheme. However, I could not manage time for that slot and called KPMG to ask if I could be given a different slot. The answer is ‘yes’ and my appointment slot was removed from portal afterwards and no news since. I sent emails to several different persons who contacted me at different stage and were not replied. I called this week to check my application progress and still no further news. I am really eager to attend the final interview as I know the vacancies will be filled soon and I don’t want to miss this hard-earned opportunity. Could you help me with this. Thank you a lot.


Sorry about the lack of contact from our end. Who did you contact when chasing a response? I can get in touch and follow up with the relevant person that way.

Sorry about my delayed reply - I was on holiday for a week and a half and only managing to catch up on things.