KPMG Final Interview Outcome


Hi Sam,

I had my final interview a couple of weeks ago and was informed I would find out about the outcome during the second week of July. Does this mean I find out next week, or is the second week of July considered to be the second full week, ie. the week starting the 13th?



Sorry, the second full week in July, so it is likely to be w/c 13th July. Apologies for the confusion.

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Hi Sam,

I have a final interview on the 13th July. Am I likely to find out that week as well or is it dependent on interview date?



It does depend on the interview date yes, but based on the above I would hope that we could get your outcome to you next week.




Hi Sam,

I’m in a bit of an awkward situation at the moment whereby I have received an entry level employment offer from another company, but am still awaiting feedback from the final interview I participated in in June (as expected).

I am currently seeking out advice with regards to the deadline for my formal acceptance/rejection of this offer, however if the company needs a response before next week do you think it would be worth me contacting the KPMG recruitment team of whom I have been liaising with to see if they have any update at all on my application (although I understand that this most likely will not be feasible)

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated, I would obviously love to pursue a place on KPMG’s graduate scheme but without knowing the feedback from my interview it would be a risk to reject a concrete offer!


I’m really sorry but we wouldn’t be able to get back to you until next week. I completely appreciate having another offer on the table puts you in a slightly different situation than some other candidates, but I’m afraid it’s an approach that has had to be applied to all candidates.

If you do find out about a formal deadline date it would be worth liaising with your recruitment contact for sure, but as I say, I doubt we would be able to expedite anything before next week.

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Hi Sam,

I assumed that this would be probably be the case, and I’m sure that at this relatively late stage there are quite a few candidates in a similar situation!! As you’ve mentioned, I will await further insight into the formal deadline date and make the call from there :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.