KPMG Fast Tracked



I have been fast tracked through the first round interview for KPMG, straight to the assessment centre and final interview. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience of this and what I can expect in terms of questions etc. Presumably they will still want to cover at least some of the formalities usually gone over in the first interview?!

Also, i understand that i may have to take random supervised retesting. is this the same difficulty/ type of questions as in the online tests or harder? how long would these tests be and when in the day would I do them seeing as the assessment centre is pretty packed (i guess during 2hr lunch?)

thanks in advance


when’s your ac? i have one too!


its on the 6th october in london (for tax)


ah, mine’s on the 7th. good luck!



Firstly congrats for getting to the final stage! I was fast tracked too, don’t worry too much about being randomly tested because i don’t think that will happen! Tbh your AC is soo packed it is unlikely to fit in testing!

From my experience my partner interview consisted of 1 hour, 10 min of which was presentation and exceeding 5-10 mins on questions. As for the questions you will get your standard tell me a time when… The hardest one i got was “tell me a time when you didnt achieve your desired goal” Within a situation you describe you may get further questions! But I found everyone had different questions! Eg “Why KPMG” I was asked to sum up KPMG in a minute. Also i was asked to give my opinion on the current market and the ST & LT effect… (ek i struggled slightly there!) you will enjoy your AC esp your interview & lunch :slight_smile: Get loads of tips about your role from the grads.

All the best!



I’ve got an AC in a few weeks ( I wasn’t fast-tracked! ) It’s for tax rather than audit.

I’m a bit worried about the business presentation as I am not a business grad (law) and wonder what level of detail it needs to go into?

Any ideas?



dont think you need any technical details…just give a rough overview and then your suggestions. but know the industry, know the company and why you think your suggestion will work. perhaps other companies have done the same thing and they were successful, so use those examples. its best not to be technical as the partner may think you know about it and ask you questions based on them!


how did you guys get fast tracked!


well i applied last year and had already done the tests, first interview and assessment centre. cos i passed the first 2 stages, and got rejected on the AC, i’m guessing thats how i got fast tracked.


I have no idea why i was… I had the option of course of doing a 1st interview but of course i went straight to AC.


going back to the original post…i know of people who have had to sit the numerical test at the AC, so be warned, it does happen! but its very unlikely.


thanks for all your help guys. not sure why i was fast tracked either, they gave me the option to do the first round but i didn’t see the point! prob they just wanted to fill up places for the ac


I was also fast tracked. There was no special reason for me being fast tracked but may be this was because I am an International applicant and I have to fly a very long journey all the way to UK to attend the AC so they facilitated me.

Is any other foreign applicant around going to UK for AC? I have heard KPMG is the most diversified of all.


I applied because I thought I might get fast tracked also…didn’t happen though grrr

now I have to do first round interview but I also booked in to do a practice interview in whisch they pay you £30…sounds quite alot to me nowadays haha


yeah, i went to one of those practice interviews last year and it was REALLY helpful! i found it a little harder than the real thing, so it makes you extra-prepared.



How do you book for these practice interviews?


you have to be invited to them.