KPMG - Fast Tracked? or normal track?


I was sent an email saying that my application will be fast tracked direct to assesment centre. But i was given an option to go to first stage interview as well.

Which option will be better?


Well done Aegadipo! I have never even heard of that before. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. If you have a first interview you’ll be able to get more of a feel for the company but if you want to get the job as quickly as possible I would go for the assessment centre.


I also received a similar email as well. It was weird since I’ve never had an interview at KPMG before… I think it would probably be better for preparation to have the first round interview, but at the same time you run the risk of failing at this stage which you would kick yourself over afterwards! I took the option of going to assessment centre direct… was hoping to go to one of the practice interview sessions kpmg runs as well but by the time I emailed all the spaces had run out… :frowning:


I decided to go to assesment centre straight away.

when is your assesment centre?


Assessment Day is ok at KPMG.
Bear in mind: partner interview is of vital importance!


I am particularly concern about the E-tray exercise. will the partner interview ask u about competencies stuffs or commercial awareness?


As for E-tray, just relax and do not panic in the process. My advice is reply to Email one by one. Be logic while replying to Emails. I find many answers only need your reasoning skill. Do not spend too much time on Info Review. Do it in the process. You will have enough time if you are an English native, because your reading speed is faster than mine!

As for partner interview, you will give a presentation(about 15 minutes including the communicative time), followed by 20 minutes of competency questions. The rest of the time involves commercial awareness questions. Why KPMG? WHY THIS SERVICE LINE?
A piece of recent economic news, etc.

Good luck.


my assessment centre is on 29th sep. I did an etray last year for kpmg for the internship program, but although i got through it was quite late in the day and there weren’t any positions left so i had to withdraw my application. From what I remember the etray wasn’t too difficult, just take your time and you’ll be fine. I remember having like 15-20 min to spare at the end…

I think I’m most worried about the presentation tbh. Is it more like a proper presentation or does it feel more like a one-way chat if you know what I mean, since you’ll be sitting down? I don’t really have many ideas of what type of company to go for as well, if anyone has any suggestions that would be great!

Oh also, is it ok if you’re just aware mainly about the credit crisis and all thats been going on recently surrounding that, or should I be doing more research into tax (which is what I’ve applied for) specific areas/developments?


The presentation is a one-way chat. You just sit down and speak out what you want to say, be a good speaker, be confident. After your speech, the partner will ask some questions relating to your presentation. e.g. what is the profit ? major comeptitors? etc.

Most of people talk about retails industry, like MS(ALMOST 1 IN 5 I THINK…), MORRISON, TESCO, PRIMARK, etc. But I think to stand out, it is better to choose a company in other industries, say, new energy industry like Vestas or other interesting industries. You must have a big picture and partners want to listen to something fresh from a fresh mind!

As for credit crisis, just be specific, maybe you can mention the collapses of Lehmann Brothers, AIG FREDDIE MAC FANNIE MAE bail out, TSB Lloyds acquistion of HBOS.