KPMG - Experienced Hires


Hi everybody,

I have a couple years of work experience and recently got a call from KPMG for my application about one of their positions. What I’m reading on the internet is that new the interview process for new graduates start with aptitude tests, then a competency based interview, e-tray exercises and goes on…

I’m about to take the aptitude tests but I what I’m wondering is if the interviews process is the same for experienced hires and the new graduates? I was expecting to have a competencies based interview as the initial step and then a more technical interview related to my past experience and my adequacy to the position in question before a partner interview.

I sure hope that I get the chance to have an interview where I get to talk about what I do/did and what I know and my experiences. The interview process I’m reading seems to me kind of like the TV show “survivor” and scares me :slight_smile: It was understandable to go through such challenges as a new graduate when you didn’t have much to prove your worth in your background but now I just want that my current experience and knowledge would ease of the pressure from a diverse set of challanges like role-play exercise, presentations etc.

Could someone who have gone through the process as an experienced hire shed a little light on it?



I am in a similar situation… I already presented the tests and successfully passed to the next step but I don’t know what to expect from the 1st interview. would you mind to share your experience? What type of questions?