KPMG expense policy


Hello everyone,

I wonder if KPMG offers to reimburse any travel expenses for 1st interview. I have already attended my 1st round interview a couple of days ago and no one mentioned anything. I know they reimburse to attend an assessment centre, but did u get your expenses back after 1st round ??

£80 wouldn’t hurt “skinny” student like me :slight_smile:



I think they will reimburse you- just call them up and ask them- they will probably send you a form to fill in and return to them, with your receipts. Chances are they just forgot to hand out the form on the day.


Thanks chris,

I have just found their link to expense claim form, I will fill and send it just in case.


They reimburse up to £150. They can go higher but you need prior approval if you’re expenses are gonna go above £150.


Where did you find the link because i can not find it anywhere on KPMG website…

Hope you can help



Where did you find the link because i can not find it anywhere on KPMG website…

Hope you can help



if i am an international applicant, how much will they reimburse to me? as my costs would be way higher thn 150pounds.


the give you a link on the email inviting you to the interview/ ac.


do they reimburse taxi as well?




Can you please share with me the link of KPMG expense claim form and policies.


Expenses will be covered up to a maximum of one hundred pounds. Only in exceptional circumstances will we pay for expenses in excess of one hundred pounds and these must have prior agreement from a member of the graduate recruitment team. In order to claim expenses, please download a form from here: Attach all relevant receipts or tickets to the completed form and either post or email to the following addresses:

PO Box 190,
Hertfordshire SG13 7ZG


We will reimburse you by bank transfer within 4 weeks of your visit.


By the way has anyone ever had any problems getting reimbursed? I submitted an expenses claim and still havent been paid back, more than 5 weeks later. also when I emailed them about it they didn’t reply !


I got refunded for my taxi expenses but I didn’t abuse it or anything.

As a reply to some other posts. Firstly it took over a month to get refunded as well but I got it eventually. If you’re having trouble finding the form or getting payments, don’t be so afraid to contact their HR department. They’ve been very helpful every time I’ve contacted them.