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Hi all,

I would like to post my interview experience with KPMG from manager to partner and written assessment. Unfortunately I was not be able to get the job, still waiting for some more detailed feedback, I just thought this website hasn’t got many posts regarding exp hire. So here it goes:
Position: Data Analytical Advisor (i guess this is only 1 lvl above grad)
Office Base: Manchester

1st stage interview: two senior managers, they were very down to earth and relaxed. The structure is :
One of the manager gave a general background of KPMG and the team that I will be working in and said I can ask questions either before we begin our CV walk through or the end. I left mine till the end to ask.
Then it was the basic walk through of the CV and any questions related to my CV, i.e which team have you worked there and what job did you do etc.
Last part was me asking them questions. I asked about the culture in KPMG and what sort of projects they do etc. Remember to ask what will you be doing when you join the team! that was the question I forgot to ask!! The senior manager was so nice, he kept reminding me if I have any Qs for him left.

No fluffy competency questions asked, which I was soo surprised about!

So if you are successful then for me it was the partner and written assessment.

Partner interview had some competency questions, he asked about:

  1. Why KPMG
  2. 5 years plan
    3.What sort of project do we do after the first round interview and from searching on the net
  3. any questions that I forgot to ask last time( which I did ask about what I will be doing if I get the chance to join)

Now we come to the written exam. Just as an FYI, I can only give out the rough topic of what the questions are, however, I cannot promise the wording will be the same, as I think the part of the reason I got rejected was due to the fact that I did not provide the correct answers that they are after!

So here goes, 6 Qs in total, Q1-3 are compulsory and 4-6 you can answer each sub-part of the question. They are hard questions, hardly anyone completed them, so be warned!
Q1. What is project management and describe each stage, write down the risk and how you can avoid such risk
Q2. Fraud analysis, i.e. Identify theft/car parking fee via mobile phone. how do you analyse this?
Q3. Tech questions,
a) you have a CSV file that contains 6 fields and its a combination of char, num and dates. The txt fields has no " " around and you have more than 6 dlm within the file. what sort of function would you use to read in this file.
b) what is data quality, why is it important
Q4. Its a Stats Q about sampling, I cannot remember this one
Q5. many to many merge pro and corns
Q6 cannot remember

Overall, KPMG interview was worth it and I would love to work for them as the managements are very down to earth and easy to talk to! Just shame that my answers ARE NOT on point!

any questions, let me know!!

Good luck ppl!!!



thank you for your post.
I will have to attend an interview in the next weeks for a similar position you applied for.
I believe the written questions were extremely difficult.
They told me I will have to attend a “technical test” but didn’t give me any further detail, so I was preparing on normal numerical reasoning tests. This is so much harder in terms of preparation. Did the HR tell you what the test would have been about? Can you recall some other information about the test? Did they give you feedback or just told you the questions were not satisfactory.
I would appreciate a lot your help.
Thank you very much