KPMG Ethics and Independence Questionnaire



Where can I find the Ethics and Independence Questionnaire to complete it as required by the contract I signed when I accepted the KPMG Offer?



If you email stating your name and which programme you applied to, and request the questionnaire, they can send it over to you. Normally it’s attached with the additional information along with your contract and offer letter, but it doesn’t always attach to some people’s emails.





I understand the ethics and independence questionnaire has a 48hour waiver in it. I have been advised for Audit that if you do not opt for this it will have a negative impact on your application as you are required to do overtime and your working week can be very long. can you opt into this at a later date? I understand KPMG cannot force you to do more hours that is why the option is there. is this additional time part of your salary or will you be paid extra for it?


Again, best to email as they will have a full answer as to what the waiver means, essentially. Sorry I can’t really help here.